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Working mom, from Sweden, coming to Zagreb on a 5 month contract.
February 2023 till June 2023 Requiring a fulltime Nanny, Guardian Grandma/Aunt to assist me with my 2 year old daughter.
Needs at least 3 years’experience with young children with references that I can speak to.

You will be required to relieve me so I can go to work in the morning and take charge of my daughter till I return.
Must be able happy to cook basic meals for yourself and the child as well as help me with laundry.
Reasonable communication in English is essential.
Flexible schedule required.

Someone who enjoys the outdoors and is happy to take my child on outings/excursions.
Please email me at
Looking forward to your response.
Salary is negotiable.

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Vrijeme: individualni sporazum

Plaća: od 6 € za sat

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