Maryna T.

Maryna T.: is looking for a nanny

Splitfrom 50 HRK for an h
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Tražim pomoćnicu za vozit dvojcu dječaka na sport, radno vrijeme 2-3 sati dnevno (voznja 4 km udaljenost)
I napravit sa njima domaći rad
Moze nešto ocistit u stanu
Sve vjecernima satima
Morate imat avto
Mi smo strana obitelj, stalno zivjemo u st, djeca pričaju hrvatskij
Cjielogodicno posao
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Time: agreed individually

Pay: from 50 HRK for an h

Age: 16-99 y

Baby sitting

  • Can work in own home

  • Can work with the disabled

  • Can work with pets

  • Can go outside with children

  • Can do shopping

  • Can cook

  • Can do the cleaning

  • Has a driving license

  • Has a car

  • Doesn't smoke


Languages: Croatian