Valerie R.

Valerie R.

Zagreb33 y4 y experience7000-9000 HRK for a m

Dear Host Family,
I am Valerie from the Philippines but currently living here in Zagreb, Croatia for 3 years and 1 month, I am a Christian, family oriented, good sense of humor, warmhearted, good cook,natural provider when it comes being a nanny or a babysitter newborns up to toddlers, as of now I am taking care of 2 children at the same time ages 3 and 2 years old. I also am a great cook for babies and have weekly meal plans for them and very trustworthy and I am also a housekeeper in a huge house here in Zagreb, I run the house and do all the food shopping weekly and organize everything for what the family needs, what we need, what is missing, what needs to be done everyday and I am very organized when it comes to working. I've been working here since October 2019. My previous work in the Philippines is I am a Maternal anr Child Coordinator in one of our local health units and a good housekeeper used to grow up with responsibilities beacuse I am the elsdest. Caregiving provider, first aid and CPR trained,been assigned in Community-Based Rehabilitation for patients with disability, Down syndrome, stroke and with special needs,I am a Public Health Nurse very flexible and versatile, tender loving care and long term employment. I am easy to get along with. Jolly. Independent. Soft hearted. As Filipino in our culture it is normal that from a certain age you will take care of your younger brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. It's something that we do custom and its's in a Philippine native to help others where they can. From a young age we are involved in the daily routine of the household and help our family what ever is need to be done that certain day. Think of cleaning the floor, taking care of laundry or help in the kitchen, to prepare breakfast,lunch and dinner for the day, we are well known for being hardworking and willing to do almost any kind of job.
Over the years, if there is one more thing that Filipinos are very proud of is having the English language as our second language. Almost all of us have intermediate levels of English writing abilities because of the use of the English language as the mode of teaching in most schools in the Philippines.
Aside from the quality education that most of them have, being a Filipino is also very flexible in learning new skill and learn fast especially if this is demanded by the employer and almost always willing to work overtimes and even on holidays if the compensation would be a lot better. Thank you

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: 7000-9000 HRK for a m

Experience: 4 y



  1. Apartment cleaning

  2. House cleaning

  3. Window cleaning

  4. Car cleaning

  5. Ironing

  6. Dishwashing


Cleaning equipment: I don't have my own



Institution: Fellowship Baptist College

Specialty: Cleaning cooking occasionally Nanny

Courses: first aid courses

Languages: English