Filip R.

Zagreb24 y

I am looking for a tutoring job,

I offer biology, chemistry and physics instructions and I offer help in preparing for the entrance exam for the Faculty of medicine in Zagreb

Relevant achivements:
-I passed my graduation exams with excellent success
-At the entrance exam I was in the 98th percentile
-I received the Dean's award for excellence on my first year of college

I have some experience with tutoring that I gained through college activities, also I am a very motivated and lighthearted person who likes working with people.

For any additional information and inquiries feel free to contact me.

Phone number: visible only to members


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Type of work: agreed individually (can start immediately)


English: primary

Physics: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary

Chemistry: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary

Biology: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary



Institution: Medicinski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

Specialty: 5th year medical student

Courses: first aid courses

Languages: English, Croatian